Application Note: Group Delay Ripple Compensation

Many useful optical components such as diffraction gratings and fiber Bragg gratings possess, by design, a frequency dependent group delay. This control over group delay enables dispersion compensation, a necessity for today’s
optical communication networks.

However, the actual group delay profile produced by such components typically does not perfectly match the desired response. The experimental deviation in group delay of the component from the desired profile is known as group delay ripple (GDR).

By using the phase modulating capabilities of the WaveShaper, which is capable of producing arbitrary group delay profiles of up to ±25 ps, it is possible to compensate for GDR and significantly improve the accuracy of the component. This compensation is achieved by configuring the WaveShaper to produce an equal but opposite GDR that counteracts the GDR of the component.

This Application Note explains how suitable group delay profiles can be calculated, and subsequently uploaded to the WaveShaper.

To download the Group Delay Ripple Compensation Application Note, click on the thumbnail image below.

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