Can you explain the syntax of the JSON string used to upload a WaveShaper filter (*.wsp) to the WaveShaper?

Here is a typical WaveShaper filter defined in JSON format.
{“type”:“wsp”,“wsp”:“190.950\t60.00\t0.00\t1\n190.951\t60.00\t0.00\t1\……… n196.474\t60.00\t0.00\t1\n”}

JSON Syntax: This includes characters like { } , : , newlines, commas etc. This defines the structure of the JSON object, and serves the same role as they are typically found in programming languages like Java, C++, C# etc.

“Name”:  Data saved in JSON objects follow a name/value pair convention. The name is a unique key corresponding to a particular piece of data. The name must be contained in quotes.

“Data”: This is where the data lives and it can be in several different forms: objects, arrays, numbers, strings, true,  false and null. In particular, a string is encoded by enclosing a series of characters within a set of quotes.

You can learn more about the JSON format at

Note that the \t and the \n are taking the place of the TAB and New Line characters of the standard wsp file.

“Frequency\TABAttenuation\TABPhase\TABPort\NEWLINEFrequency\TABAttenuation\TABPhase\TABPort\NEWLINE ….. Frequency\TABAttenuation\TABPhase\TABPort\NEWLINE