How can I increase the speed that it takes to read data from the WaveAnalyzer 1500S?

The first thing to check is the network speed of the PC connection through the network. Under Ethernet, you should expect a 1 Gbps speed which you will get via point-to-point.

However if you’re connected to a LAN, you may find that certain switches do not support this speed and will fall-back to 100 Mbps.

You can verify this speed in the Task Manager under the Networking tab:

Some points to note:

  • When connected via USB you will get a speed of 400 Mbps. This speed limits the data transfer between the WaveAnalyzer 1500S and the computer and therefore reduces the scan update rate on the GUI. A Gigabit-Ethernet connection is recommended which ensures an update rate of up to 10 updates per second.
  • Reduce the data read time by using the bin format type (see Section 4.2.2 of the user manual).
  • Reduce the scan range to a smaller value. For example, you may specify a scan range of 50 GHz in your code, and thus you will only be downloading 50 GHz of measurement data (a mere 50 KB of download data).