How can I setup Ethernet connectivity on my WaveShaper with only USB interface?

The best way to setup Ethernet connectivity on a WaveShaper with only USB interface is to create a web interface on a mini-PC that is connected to the WaveShaper via Ethernet. You will need to use a Windows-based PC with an x86 CPU architecture, as the WaveShaper API does not support ARM.

You would then write a web server in a programming language of your choice. Ideally such a web server would:

  • Make periodic calls using ws_list_devices to get the currently connected device(s).
  • Maintain a wsconfig folder. Whenever a new serial number appears, use the ws_read_configdata command to download the wsconfig file off the device into this folder.
  • Create and open a WaveShaper using ws_create_waveshaper and ws_open_waveshaper. But note that once you open the WaveShaper, it will disappear from the device list.
  • Expose ws load profile via a web command that conforms with the equivalent A-Series web command.
  • Periodically call ws_send_command with “SNO?\r\n” message to check whether your WaveShaper is still connected. If it isn’t, then call ws_close_waveshaper and ws_delete_waveshaper.

This way, you should be able to connect your mini-PC to the WaveShaper and the web server handles the rest.

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