How do I configure the IP Address of the WaveAnalyzer 1500S?

The WaveAnalyzer 1500S IP address can be configured using the Web interface. To access it, simply launch your browser of choice, and enter in the current IP address of the WaveAnalyzer 1500S into the address bar. By default this is when connected via Ethernet.

Note: In some circumstances, it is possible for the WaveAnalyzer 1500S to be inaccessible via the Ethernet port. This can happen when its current IP configuration is no longer valid e.g. when switching from a DHCP-enabled network to a point-to-point connection. In this case connecting the WaveAnalyzer 1500S to PC via the USB port provides a fallback method of connection.  The IP address under the USB connection is

Enter the IP address into the address bar:

The WaveAnalyzer 1500 Web Interface
The WaveAnalyzer 1500S Web Interface

Select Tools from the top menu to navigate to the tools page:

WaveAnalyzer 1500 Web Interface - Tools
WaveAnalyzer 1500S Web Interface – Tools

Click the Change IP configuration link to navigate to the IP configuration page:

WaveAnalyzer 1500 - IP Configuration
WaveAnalyzer 1500S Web Interface – IP Configuration

This page provides network configuration options including: IP, subnet, and gateway. Click the Set Fixed IP button once the correct settings are entered.

Alternatively, it is possible to configure the WaveAnalyzer 1500S to DHCP mode. Click the Set DHCP button to enable DHCP mode.

Once the Network settings have been reconfigured, the WaveAnalyzer 1500S requires a power cycle to apply the changes.


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