How do I control a WaveShaper over USB using wsutil in Linux?

Connecting to a WaveShaper over USB using wsutil in a Linux environment mans you need to have the correct interface drivers installed and appropriate privileges for the wsutil program.

Interface drivers

Some Linux distributions like Ubuntu have an ftdi driver that is incompatible with the WaveShaper. Under this circumstance, the best way to solve the problem is to disable the ftdi_sio module. You can do this by following these steps:

1. First, make sure you are in root mode. You can list the loaded modules by using the lsmod command.  ftdi_sio should be in this list.

2. Search your system for the file ‘ftdi_sio.ko’ (It’s typically in /lib/modules//kernel/drivers/usb/serial)

3. Rename this driver to ‘ftdi_sio.ko.renamed’ and restart your system.

wsutil privileges

It is recommended that wsutil is run with with root privileges to ensure correct operation.  To do this, please add the “sudo” prefix as per below::

sudo wsutil –list