How do I setup a 16000 WaveShaper for multi-pass operation?

To increase the filter roll-off in a WaveShaper 16000 you can perform multi-pass operation. The WaveShaper 16000 can support up to 6 passes to improve the sharpness of the filter roll-off.  The downside of this is that the insertion loss seen by the signal is increased with every pass.

To setup multi-pass operation use a 1×19 configuration. For the ‘A’ Series WaveShaper, this is configured through the Tools menu and WaveShaper Configuration in the WaveShaper App. For a 16000S, the 1×19 configuration file is provided on the CD or USB drive that accompanies the shipment of the WaveShaper.

Set the filter to use Input Port “A” and output port “9”. Connect the optical fibres as per the diagram here:

To setup a different number of passes, use the following table as a guide to setup the input and output ports on the WaveShaper. For each subsequent pass, connect the output port to the input port of the next pass using a short fibre patch cord. For example,  when using 2 passes, port 9 is connected by fibre to port 10.

To use 6 passes, the output fibre is connected to port 2 with 5 fibre patch cords to connect the intermediate passes as the photo here.

Here is an example of the filter sharpening using a 16000 with 6 passes. The filter is a 50Ghz pass band with input fibre connected to port “A” and output fibre connected to port “2”. The data was taken using a WaveAnalyzer.


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