How do I upload a WaveShaper wsconfig file into the WaveManager program?

When using an early generation WaveShaper shipped before 2012, the wsconfig file needs to be added into the WaveManager program by copying it to the wsconfig directory. For later WaveShapers, the wsconfig file is downloaded automatically from the WaveShaper itself.

The wsconfig file for the WaveShaper is provided on a CD or USB that is shipped with the instrument. If you have misplaced this file, then email us at to have a copy sent to you.

Startup the WaveManager program. Click on the “WaveShaper” menu item and then click on “Add WaveShaper Configuration File (*.wsconfig)“. Browse to the location of the wsconfig file. Double-click or click and select open. The serial number will now appear in the Explorer panel of the WaveManager program.  When the WaveShaper is connected, WaveManager will load the appropriate wsconfig file.

Note that the SN90, SN91, SN93, SN94, SN95, SN96 and SN97 configuration files in the Explorer panel are provided for use in simulation mode. These give you the opportunity to play around with the allowable filter settings for each different WaveShaper type. To do that, right click on the wsconfig file and select “Run Simulation“.



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